Sunday, March 02, 2008

Life Is But A Dream, Sweetheart

I've had a perfect weekend, and perfect day today. Everything is going so well that I am afraid I'm going to die in my sleep tonight. *blink* Just kidding!

Husband came home last night and cleaned the whole house! He mopped and did other stuff I can't do right now. :)

My mother-in-law came over this morning and watched the girls while I napped. Then our babysitter came over this afternoon and I went out to do my stockpiling. I know I should rest, but honestly being home listening to screeching children tends to be more stressful to me.

I cleaned up at CVS and Ralphs, with free razors and toothpaste and I found lint rollers for freeeeee (after the coupons I happened to have on me) on clearance at Ralphs. My second trip to the grocery store did me in though, as I forgot to get the rabbits their food and veggies and I started bleeding out of my nose. Oopsy. Ok, ok, ok - I'll slow down.

I'm just afraid that this "feeling good" won't last and I want to spend every minute "doing" and "going", because it has been so long since I could. I'll rest tomorrow.

My growth hormone starter kit should be here tomorrow or the next day. I can't wait to start!

Life is rolling along!


Peter said...

I just stumbled on your blog - very interesting. I'm about to undergo my first pituitary surgery in a few weeks.

Lisa said...

Hi Peter! I'm sorry to meet this way, but I hope I can be of assistance if you need anything.

A great website & forum for support can be found at :)


Peter said...

thanks - shoot me an email at

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I too stumbled across your site while searching for Cushing's info. I have frequent migraine H/A and now am being tested for Cushings. I pray that you continue to heal and your family will receive a greater understanding of your condition. May the Holy Spirit continue to give you healing and comfort.


Celular said...
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