Saturday, September 06, 2008


I had some major oral surgery this past Wednesday afternoon. After years, I'll finally admit to it. One of the loveliest and most embarrassing side effects of chronic overexposure to steroids? Tooth loss.

I am a chronic flosser and brusher, so I really can only attribute the demise of one, or *maybe* two, teeth to personal neglect. The loss of 14 others, all molars, I'm not sure who to thank. Osteoporosis? My teeth look fine, then break off at the gumline with no warning. Such beauty. *rolleyes* I cannot have implants due to bone issues, so partials will be ordered when my gums calm down.

Something strange happened after this surgery. It has happened before after my pituitary surgeries, but I explained it off as a sort of post-op *reset* to my system.

Less than 12 hours after the oral surgery, iv sedated then minus 5 teeth, I felt GREAT. Not good, but really great. I dropped 10 pounds of water. My feet stopped hurting. Lots of energy and I'm in a great mood. The only thing I need for pain, if at all, is Aleve (like usual).

WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS FRESH HELL? I thought I knew why this has happened previously, but now I don't have a clue.

I'm not smart enough to put it all together, but it does have me wondering what elective surgery I can sign up for in order to have a *real* scheduled vacation. A guarantee of feeing awesome?! WOW. What can we cut off next? =:)

I wish there was a supah-schmart medic that could piece this together for me. What does IV sedation, which all of these have in common, do for my system?

Is this a vasopressin situation? Side affect of an unknown Aldosterone antagonist? (my aldosterone measures super low)

I am stumped.