Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Damn you, Cushing's Disease

How to disappoint all of your friends, relatives and two young children: Spend a month recuperating from pituitary surgery in June - and not have your remission stick. In September I realized that the Cushing's had returned, if it ever left, and I'm just now ready to admit to it.

Thankfully the road is paved already and my specialist is recommending a repeat surgery. Tomorrow I go in for a pituitary MRI and with any luck we can find the source. The abdominal MRI from two weeks ago shows normal adrenal glands. In a twisted way I was hoping that my adrenals were the culprit, even though it goes against all likelihood. Removing the adrenal glands would almost certainly put an end to the Cushing's misery. I'd take Addison's back with a warm heart, since my weight has ballooned beyond all recognition. (I avoid mirrors.) They discovered a cyst on my spleen and liver during the abdominal MRI. No one has addressed those findings, so I don't know what to make of it. A quick Google tells me that it is rare, ha - who knew?, and LORD HELP ME, I now know what 'non-parasitic' means. *la la la la la la* (fingers in ears)

I have some more blood testing to do at midnight, which runs a close second to my most despised form of testing torture, and the MRI tomorrow. As far as symptoms go, weight gain - cystic 'steroid' acne - flank pain - and very recently a deterioration of the vision in my left eye (again). The double vision is slight and I only get migraines once a week or so. My bout with constant 24 hour a day headache & migraine has ruined my ability to describe pain. I cannot fathom calling the first surgery a 'failure', since it single-handedly took away the constant headache.

I'm rambling and it is late.... I'll be back with MRI results soon.