Saturday, October 14, 2006

three lefts make a right

It is the funniest thing, if you aren't me. My left side is cursed. My left knee, left shoulder, left elbow, left hip, left eye all have something in common; pain.

I've had knee surgery and shoulder surgery, besides the meniscus and the bone spur osteoarthritis has staged an attack. Why only my left side? Who knows, I guess. At some point I'll probably feel blessed that it isn't bilateral. However, I am wondering how much longer my hip will hold out between the pain and the lower bone density it has vs. the right.

I'm in the middle of one of my "left-side" attacks. Wednesday night was the bi-monthly UCLA pituitary support group meeting and I try to make it to all of the meetings. This meeting's speaker was Dr. Heaney who has recently been stolen from Cedars-Sinai by Dr. Kelly of UCLA to join the UCLA team. I could listen to Dr. Heaney talk all day about pituitary tumors and the research he does on their origin. It was a good meeting. Ah, off-track again. I digress... for whatever reason, my neurologist says it is 'atypical migraine'. Whatever it is, driving after dark sets off a whole attack on the left side of my head. The oncoming headlights catch my left eye & trigger stabbing pains. It doesn't matter if I am a driver or passenger, btw, but it sure is easier to ride with your eyes covered than drive, lol. By the next day my left eye gets smaller, the upper lid droops, the lower lid migrates upwards. My face gets numb around my eye and the entire left hemisphere of my head feels thoroughly battered.

It really makes deciding to go to meetings difficult, for Lord knows I'm sure to be battling this for a week at least. Just like last time. And the time before that. Arg.

Imitrex. Morphine. Repeat.

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