Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Problems and Options

As it stands, at this moment, I know the following things have to be dealt with:

1. hypopituitary - TSH, FSH, LH, GH (dropping), ACTH

Most likely because of the two tumors on my pituitary that are up against the stalk, and the congenital cyst inside.

2. Constant Headache, two and one half years and counting.

3. Double Vision

#2 & 3, I hope those resolve after pit surgery. Please, please, please please.

4. Chronic Flank Pain

I need to wait for Dr. Expert to return from vacation and tell me what the adrenal images mean. I've sent them to plenty of people but no one has responded, not even my doctor friends. Eek.

5. Unstable Angina

I missed my appointment on the 25th last month. Social Security (disability) called me in for an appointment without much notice and it ended up taking so long I was worn out and late - missed my cardiology appointment. However, I have no excuse but fear for not calling to make another one. Bad, bad, bad. My Los Angeles specialist says it doesn't matter if I have Cushing's if I drop dead of a heart attack. Very subtle. LOL


Pituitary surgery options:

I have been referred to surgery from my LA specialist to an LA surgeon, however I am waiting until next Monday to hear back from the NIH. I'd rather go to their facility and contribute to research on pituitary disorders, plus I need a work up on Carney Complex and that is another study I am qualified for enrollment.

Carney Complex is an autosomal dominant disorder, so it takes top priority as my girls might have it also. They both have the same sort of lentigines that I have. My oldest daughter is popping them up everywhere but hasn't even one solar freckle. It freaks me out.

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