Sunday, October 15, 2006

I AM the Evil Mother

First off, no one with a brain tumor on Fentanyl should be left home to deal with a two year old let alone a two year old and a four year old. Four days alone with them can drive you insane.

I'm trying to wean down off of hydrocortisone. Steroids are seriously hard-core drugs, you can take that from someone that knows hard-core drugs. I really have to reign myself in when people act nonchalant about steroid inhalers, topical steroid creams and, of course, oral steroid prescriptions. I know they are sometimes necessary, but I don't think people are given adequate warnings as to what they are doing to their very delicate HPA-axis. A month ago I was up to 70mg of hydrocortisone, equivalent thereof when I convert the bump of prednisone I added, and I've been coming down since. I immediately went to 20mg, once out of need, but had to stay at 20mg longer than I wanted. Last week I hit 15mg and, woe is me, today being Sunday and a fresh week - I tried out 10mg. "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines."

It has been a long day to say the least. Have you ever seen a Crayola Wonder "Mess Free" Activity Book? There is nothing more appealing to a parent than the words Activity mixed with Mess Free. I bought both of the girls a Crayola Color Explosion tablet. When you use the 'Color Reveal' markers, rainbow colors show through the black paper. As my 2 year old demonstrated today, pour Orange Juice on it and pat well: your child turns into the Teal Green Goblin! And so does your carpet. ;) Almost all of it came off in the tub, so it all turned out well. That isn't to say that the two beautiful troublemakers stopped there, that was breakfast time. Good heavens we had a fighting, screaming, yelling, biting, pulling hair, sassing Mother day.

Bedtime for the beautiful children? 5:45pm without one complaint which I suspect is based in pure guilt. But it still makes me The Evil Mother. :)

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