Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I wonder if he wonders why

I spoke to my general doctor tonight about my CSF leak test results and headaches. The test came back clear, but it is likely that I periodically leak if I am too active, blow my nose too hard, if the wind blows in the wrong direction, or if my husband pisses me off. [I could be kidding about one of those.]

We talked about his septum surgery, neti pots, saline rinses, nose-blowing, kids. I love my doctor. :) He mostly sees Veterans at his clinic and I really appreciate him. I hope he knows it.

Oops, where was I?

Oh yeah! At some point I had to confess that I had thought about the potential for a leak and decided that no matter what the results, I do not want or need any additional surgery in that area of my body ever again. So I'll live with it, try to take it easy and have it heal up on its own.

He asked me if I wanted any pain meds. I hmm'd and haww'd because, dammit, it really does hurt. My headache, that is. You know you are not an addict when: the thought of opioid-induced constipation makes you come to your senses and say, "Uh, no. That's ok."

He either thinks I am a pain loving super freaking hero, or that I am stupid. One of those. ;)


NashvilleSinger said...

I dont know how to privately email someone via this site so I am leaving a comment in hopes you will get it...
I myself, am just finding out I may have Cushings. I would like to chat with you via email to share my story and find out more about yours if you dont mind.
Its very hard to find other people with this, I have found a few message boards but it seems they want payment of some sort to be able to post and be a member. Anyway, I have been reading through your blogs... congrats on your surgery and I hope you are doing well.

Lady Blognanimous said...

Poor Stacy. I too am a Cushing's victim. Lisa, how could refuse a pain script? I have to beg my Doctors to write me scripts for pain and I can't get anything better out of them than the lowest doses, they just don't get it! I'm tempted to change Doctors just because my pain isn't being managed. I live in a city where there are a lot of people looking to score any type of drug they can get so the Doctors here are leary of writing scripts for pain and I am really suffering because of it :*(

Anonymous said...

Your peeps need to hear from you please. How are you doing?