Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tumor Free

It's two days post-op and I'm doing absolutely fantastic!

They took me in for surgery at 2pm on Thursday, kept me in ICU until 10pm (my left eye wasn't working, but who can blame it? It just lost it's tumah pal), spent the night in a private room and they discharged me yesterday at 10am.

We drove up to my Aunt's house to Niagara County in NY from Pittsburgh and I'll be here until tomorrow morning, then on to my Dad's house to stay until things heal up.

The surgeon says that the tumor was bigger than the MRI showed, he clearly and firmly stated that they did get ALL of it and he left the cyst to preserve my pituitary untouched. He felt it was best that way.

I can't disagree, since I feel really well. They had to cut the thin section in the middle of my nose to get more room to maneuver, but that should heal soon. I can't blow my nose for two weeks and I have a lot of drainage going down the back of my throat, but it's getting better. I just moistened up the overnight clogging and cleaned out my nose with saline gel when I woke up. Ewww.

The most surprising and wonderful thing I have to share is my new heart.

Before surgery my heart was a mess. Bumping, thumping, doing backflips and acting up all the time. The very first thing I noticed when I woke up in the recovery room was that I couldn't feel my heart beating. All of a sudden it was just humming along smoothly, like a heart should do I suppose. Up, down I went for a glasss of water this morning on the steep stairs here, and there wasn't even the slightest complaint or bump out of my new heart. It is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced beyond childbirth.

I am happy, happy, happy!!!!!!!


Mary said...

Fantastic, Lisa - I'm so glad that your surgery is over and you're doing so well and "happy, happy, happy!!!!!!"

That's what it's all about :)


Lisa said...

I'm happy, happy to see you Mary! :)

I'm loving the new me and glad I stared journaling this before the surgery, someday it'll be nice t see how far I have come.

Thank you for stopping by!