Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Six days post-op

morning of day 6, talking to my girls:

I think I have discovered the reason why people go downhill at 7 days post-surgery.

Today friend, and fellow pituitary Cushing's survivor, Robin forewarned me that around 10 days after surgery the big ol' scab that is lurking in my sinuses will fall off. Yeowza! She casually mentioned that it gagged her. Oh, I can't wait! Eww.

It's day 6 and I am out of Percocet. Is it any wonder that other people get worse at day 7? I don't want to go on one of my tangents about pain management, but that is just silly. By the time a Cushing's patient has made it to treatment they've endured plenty of pain; joint, muscular, headache, and unrelenting pain that people can't imagine. Excess cortisol breaks down your connecting tissues, and for some related reason the pain of anything knocking into me or even a normal bump into a wall hurts like you could not fathom. Giving someone 7 days of pain medication and telling them it'll take 2-3 weeks for the surgical site to heal is plain mean, imho. I'm a walking pharmacy, so I have fentanyl and morphine to fall back on but I didn't want to go back to those medications after my cure. I despise morphine, but had to break down and take some tonight. I have a huge scab in my sinus cavity, of course my head hurts like hell. A steamy shower only provided temporary relief.

I can't wait to choke on that scab. ;)

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Counsel said...

Great to hear that you're on the upswing (though that scab stuff, ugh, tmi). And you look a ton better; ya look great. I'm rootin for ya.