Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tracking Down A Surgeon

This is supposed to be the easy part. Have tumor, have diagnosis, have referral, get surgeon - right?

Nothing comes easy in medicine anymore, or at least not for me.

Ten years ago I made a friend in Los Angeles; it was like meeting a long lost brother. The weirdest experience in meeting someone and the most comforting one also. When I first moved to LA I roomed with him for about a year. His cousin Ginnie is a very interesting woman who does spiritual travel tours. She is into everything and anything paranormal, is that the right word? From arranging group tours of Machu Picchu to Stonehenge, she's your girl when you want to seek out something different. She also knows the best ghost trackers and clairvoyants. We went to lunch one day and I asked her if I had some sort of hex on me, as I can get bad service anywhere. lol She leaned back and took me in, then leaned back in and confided that indeed there was a problem. I have an 'inverted aura', she said. According to her it is common in people with severe ailments. I think she was finding a nice was to say I am transparent. :)

It must be my aura that is keeping two surgeon assistants from returning my calls, despite my daily inquiries. Either that or I am getting the hint that no one is allowed to contemplate scheduling surgery if they are planning their holiday festivities. *sigh*

When my heart gives out, I'm sure it'll be at shift change. On a Friday. Before Christmas. Or in June, with fresh interns. Good Lord, the medical community is hell-bent on killing me.


Counsel said...

Lisa, I've read about your situation. What's your status now?

- Dwight

Lisa said...

Always 'one more test'. Always something delaying me from it. I go in for pre-op work tomorrow for the 'last test' I need for surgery. With some luck, my pre-op tests will be ok and I can schedule the test I need @ UCLA.

How'd you find me? ;)

Counsel said...

I have an old blog acct here. I click through every day to random blog accounts, have been doing it for years. Came across yours this week; didn't even know it was you for a while.

Did you decide to stop blogging? Your writing is great, btw.

Counsel said...

So, what did they say?

I use the 'next blog' feature on this thing a lot - been using it for years. So you popped up randomly a while back. I've been reading for a while; your writing is great, girl.