Friday, November 03, 2006

Surgical consultation next week

I hope. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I have completed the cardiology appointment and subsequent scan at Cedars-Sinai. Also went to the ophthalmologist and followed up with the visual field test. Those were the final tests, folks. (Folks, as if anyone is listening - rofl!)

Cedars-Sinai tried to kill me. My standing pulse was running 111, I thought for sure it would go down if I just had a few minutes of rest on the cot. To my surprise it only lowered my pulse to 96. I guess that is what I gave up when I stopped taking Atenolol after the Stress Echos showed that my blood pressure was bottoming out and bottoming out worse while on Atenolol. Anyhow, the on-call cardiologist at C-S tried to give me 100mg right off the bat, but my bp was 100/60 and I drove myself there. Yikes. I talked them into trying 50mg but they weren't happy that it 'only' drove my heart down to 73bpm. WTH? After 100mg they couldn't give me nitro on the CT table because my bp was too low. Uh, duh!? 68/40 is quite low, you say? Then I had to get up and drive myself home to watch my two children. Good Lord.

I made my husband hire a babysitter. Mind you, this is a man that laughs in my face when I tell him I am sick and would not lift a finger to help me even though our children suffer for my inability to do what I used to do. Little things like, get out of bed every day - or - clean the house - or - do laundry to completion - or - make homemade meals and bake from scratch like I used to. :( I didn't give him a choice this time and it wasn't up for discussion. My chest felt imploded the whole drive home.

The visual field test showed a splatter of blind spots off on the edges of both of my visual fields. I expected it, as I bump into people that stand beside me in blind spots all the time. I work extra hard in traffic to check, re-check and look directly when I am changing lanes because I know I have a deficit. I didn't need anyone to tell me there is a problem, but at least the proof is there this time.

I wish I felt up to mixing in family posts with my updates. Here is a picture of my baby girl, she was Tinker Bell for Halloween and loved every moment. Every compliment made her walk even more dainty; she has the cutest 'dainty' walk and loves to play ballerina. I asked her to model her Tinker Bell outfit again today and she found it in a flash. lol

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