Monday, August 25, 2008


I don't see how they think that hormones "enhance" Cushing's levels, because it seems the opposite for me.

I am back to how I felt before I ever knew "Cushing's Disease".

Eight days without estradiol, testosterone and both thyroid meds and I am on a Cushing's high from h-e-double-l. Yikes!

I'm greasy, acne'd, can't sleep, super energy at night, OCD, heartburn from hell, weight fluctuating up to 10 pounds in a single day, sprouting hair everywhere (TMI)... fah-reak! Good grief.

The only up side to all of this is that I have some energy from the high. I've de-cluttered the entire house, ordered a dumpster, filled it, and did all of the laundry in the past three days. Any single one of those things would have been impossible for me 9 days ago. Good heavens.


Three more weeks without hormones before they hospitalize and do 48 hours of tests. Threeee weeeeeks. It seems like forever from now. Time used to pass by in a flash. Not so much right now. Like when you were a kid and the days seemed to be a lifetime and there was no way that Christmas would ever get here.

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